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Система Orphus


Shipping methods:

1. EMS (Express Mail Service) - express delivery. This shipping method is proceeded directly by each country post service and nowadays available for a plenty of countries. This service has tracking number which can be easily track online. The delivery time depends on the destination country, but usually it takes 3 to 6 days.

For more information on availability to your country and shipping rates please contact us. Shipping rates depend on the weight of the parcel and usually parcel may not exceed 30 kg (or 20 kg for some countries).

2. DHL/FedEx/UPS and other services are also available upon the customer request. They usually delivery faster, but, on the same time, the shipping rates are quite higher. 

3. Large products or volume orders might be shipped via freight forwarder by sea or avia. Please contact us for more information once needed.

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